Carrie Klukas
Abstract Art

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I’ve seen progression in every post. Your newer posts are simply wonderful compared to your posts in the past. Keep up the good work
Daltech - 12 Dec 2013
Carrie, your work is as stunning as ever... just recently viewed your piece displayed in the 2013 dream home. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with the world, and for ever being an inspiration to other artists like myself. See you soon!!
Marian Jacoba Shilka - 10 Apr 2013
Your paintings take my breath away. The are soo powerful, drawing you into discovery of your self, making my heart alive. I feel the vibrancy, drying to touch the secret. Would love to see them one day in "origin". I imagine the pure joy you have in painting. Monika
Monika Mehl - 30 Mar 2013
Interesting color and movement. Hope to see some of your work in person some day. Find it a bit ironic that we share the same name, albeit mine through marriage. Must be something about the name that sparks creativity? (I work full-time as an int. designer.)
Carrie L. Klukas - 31 Jan 2012
Hi Carrie I checked out your Dawson Creek Gallery art show...all I can say... Amazingly Awesome...
Dawn Cooksley - 20 Sep 2011
WOW place me on mailing list please
Ben Yankin - 1 Sep 2011
nice work look forward to seeing your new works!...and thanks for the tip today on i will check it out.
carmen - 5 Jul 2011
Nice website Auntie carrie. Great design and interesting Bio.
Michael Haiworonsky - 12 Dec 2010
Nice website, not overpowering. Sophisticated and mature.
peter.haiworonsky - 12 Dec 2010
Exceptional and unique!
Kristine Cassie - 28 Oct 2010
The photos do not justify how breathe taking the paintings are in reality. Keep up the great work.
Patty Wild - 28 Jul 2010
Brooks & Shauna Hoffos - 17 Jan 2010
Nice website. The gallery is great. I'll be pointing friends in its direction. I too have my Carrie Klukas prominently displayed and someday I hope to buy another to keep the first one company.
Ian Bonyun - 15 May 2009
Carrie fhe first time I ever seen your work was at Unique Gallery, when I brought my paintings in to see if Dan and Tara were interested. I was immediately drawn to your art, it was so beautiful. I told my mother that one day I hoped I would be as good as you. Your art is truly breath taking and inspiring. I hope one day I will be lucky enough to meet you in person! Hailey Allison
Hailey Allison - 9 May 2009
Charlotte Ellis - 30 Apr 2009
I still have my Carrie Klukas original hanging on my living room wall. Love your site.
Janet Platts - 28 Apr 2009
looks good!
elaine klukas - 2 Apr 2009
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