Carrie Klukas
Abstract Art

Artist Statement Prior to 2019

The inspiration for the lastest body of work came from the research conducted on Masaru Emoto.  He was the gentleman who used high speed photography to document the effect of specific, concentrated thoughts directed towards frozen water.  What he discovered was that positive loving thoughts created perfect crystals where as negative words and thoughts created polluted, asymmetrical crystals.  To experiment with this theory I chose elements of sacred geometry as under-painting.  Some works have positive prose included as well.  Layers of paint were then added , obscuring the original foundation. 


I wondered if using these words and symbols would have an effect on the viewer - if only subconsciously.  Does it affect the work past the obvious aesthetic?  If you look closely at the paintings, you will see some of the under-painting and letters coming through.  Occasionally you catch a word, but more likely you will see a fragment revealing itself on the surface.  This made me think of discovering an ancient text - have we lost this language or on the verge of discovering it?


The under-painting I just described was the only element that was consciously chosen.  The remainder of the process follows the tenants of Abstract Expressionism.  My painting process utilizes both additive and subtractive elements, which produce illusionary depths, and surface textures.  The subtrates I use are sanded, often revealing the built-up method of their creation.  The process of sanding becomes a metaphor for removing all blocks and obstacles to reveal the hidden magnificence within; much like a subconscious exploration of self.


All of the works are about light.  Many are chiaroscuro in nature, subconsciously revealing how darkness is as much a part of our life's journey as is the light.